At New Pioneers, we advocate for the future of our precious Kentucky farmlands. We do this through the Sustainable Lands Roundtable. Thanks to the Owsley Brown II Family Foundation, New Pioneers leads a group of non-profit local landowners, which includes Dominican Sisters at St. Catharine; Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, and Sisters of Loretto in Nerinx; Bernheim Forest; Shaker Village; KY Heritage Lands Conservation Fund and the Center for Interfaith Relations. Through this partnership, we share learnings in three areas:  Conservation management planning, permanent protection of open land, and large landscape wildlife corridors. To learn more about the concepts involved in permanent land conservation, click here:

New Pioneers promotes two Kentucky programs to help local farm families make the commitment to preserve quality farmland from development:

Visit and see IRS Notice 2007-50

For more information about either of these programs or to volunteer to help promote farmland preservation in central Kentucky, Contact Us

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