Watershed Watch Sampler Training

New Pioneer's staff members, Julia and Ivoree, had the exciting opportunity to become Watershed Watch samplers this June at a local training in Springfield! Through this training, attendees learned proper collection methods of stream water, how to make accurate visual observations of streams, and how to conduct pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and E-coli testing on the water. Certified water samplers can sumbit their data to the Kentucky Watershed Watch to help identify areas in need of improvement and/or protection! This is a great way to get involved in the community and to help preserve our local water resources.

We are so grateful for this partnership with the Kentucky Watershed Watch and the Kentucky Association for Environmental Education! We had a great time and are eager to get outside and start sampling!

If you're interestd in becoming a Watershed Watch sampler, check out this event calendar for more upcoming trainings!

Thanks to our generous partners!

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