Outdoor Exploration Program at the Nelson County Public Library

New Pioneers had the amazing opportunity to lead an Outdoor Exploration Program at the Nelson County Public Library this June! During this program, students were given the chance to explore how playing inside versus outside can impact mood, creativity, energy, and overall health. This was achieved by mapping sounds both inside and out, and comparing how they affected the students’ feelings and imagination. Through these activities, the students concluded that outdoor play is better for their mind and body! 

This program also kicked off our 1,000 Hours Outside Challenge this summer and provided participants with resources and knowledge to excel at it! Furthermore, students signed pledges with personal goals of outdoor play time this summer as encouragement. We had a fantastic time at this program and are so grateful to our friends at the Nelson County Public Library for their support! 

We would still LOVE for anyone interested to participate in our #1000HoursOutsideKY challenge, and you can learn more at: https://newpioneers.org/event/1000-hours-outside-challenge/.

To view more photos from our Outdoor Exploration Program, click the photo collage above.

Thanks to our generous partners!

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