Our Commonwealth Bardstown STEM program visit: Water, water everywhere!

We LOVE talking about water resources! New Pioneers had a ball supporting Our Commonwealth’s monthly Rose Dodson STEM program in Bardstown on Monday, March 18, 2024.

The STEM program brings students of color from throughout Bardstown together monthly to learn about a diverse range of STEM topics. March’s theme was environmental education and water - and New Pioneers was invited to be Our Commonwealth’s community partner for the event, hosting a station focused on water resources and management for the 30+ third grade group.

New Pioneers’ Executive Director, Julia Gerwe, and Board Member, Michael Bickett, facilitated the water resources station, conducting various activities to promote understanding about how we can most responsibly manage and protect water resources.

New Pioneers’ activities centered around the following learning target: I can construct explanations and design solutions using a representative model to understand water management challenges and how individuals and communities can protect water resources. Learners enjoyed the activities and took away tangible new vocabulary and knowledge about water management challenges and solutions.

Many thanks to Our Commonwealth for inviting New Pioneers and offering such important supplementary education to bright, young learners in Bardstown!

Thanks to our generous partners!

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